Cancellation Policy

MakeMyCab believes in helping its customers as far as possible, and has therefore a liberal cancellation policy. :

Booking Policy

  1. A booking can be done a maximum of 3 months before the trip commencement date. Similarly, a booking can be done a minimum of 1 hour before the trip commencement time.
  2. Booking can be done either through our website /Application or by calling our customer support number at +91 8338000101.
  3. An initial deposit needs to be paid by the customer for his booking. The deposit amount is calculated based on Percentage of customer's estimate Price. And this amount will be adjusted with the final amount at the end of the journey.
  4. If needed customer can give an online request without paying anything and can confirm it later by logging into their MakeMyCab Customer account and paying the advance through it.
  5. Customer can also book online without any advance payment but our customer support team will call the customer before confirming the booking with advance payment in this case.
  6. A car will be assigned for every trip at least 1 hour before the departure time. The customer will get a email and SMS confirmation with the car and driver details after the assignment is done.
  7. Customer needs to carry either a printout of the booking voucher or the SMS showing the booking confirmation, for identification purpose.

Booking Modifications

  1. Modification includes only modifications in the end date or time for a scheduled trip which can be postpond or prepond. Any change to the start date will require cancellation of the trip and a re-booking, and cancellation policy will applicable.
  2. No additional charges need to be paid for modifications (postpond or prepond). The final settlement will be done after the trip closure. The final settlement can involve either the customer paying an additional amount to cab driver or MakeMyCab refunding an excess amount to the customer.
  3. All modification requests should be done by calling at  customer support number or through Application or through email. A response will be sent to you confirming any modification of the trip.
  4. Modifications are allowed Subject to Availability for that Date or Time.

Trip Completion and Settlement

  1. After completion of the trip, the full and final payment has to be done to the cab driver itself. The value of the final payment will be the total cost minus the advance payment (if any). The final payment should be a cash payment (driver may not accept card or cheques).
  2. A booking is treated closed only after the full & final settlement is made by the customer.
  3. In any case the final amount is less than the advance deposit, MakeMyCab will refund the excess amount back to the customer.

Cancellation Policy :-

  1. The customer agrees and acknowledges that refund shall be processed if the cancellation request is received before 2 hour of scheduled pickup.
  2. In case the booking is cancelled more than 24 hours before the pick-up time, no deduction will be charged and full advance will be refunded excluding taxes if applicable.
  3. In case the booking is cancelled 24-12 hours before the pick-up time 25% of the advance deposit will be deducted and the rest will be refunded.
  4. In case the booking is cancelled 12-6 hours before the pick-up time, 50% of the advance deposit will be deducted.
  5. In case the booking is cancelled 6-2 hours before the pick-up time, 75% of the advance deposit will be deducted.
  6. In case the booking is cancelled 2-0 hours before the pick-up time, 100% of the advance deposit will be deducted.
  7. If you want to change date for pick up before 2 hours of the pick up time then date will be modified without any deduction. If the change of date for pick up is made after 2 – 0 hours then 100% advance will be deducted and you have to go for a rebooking.
  8. Convenience charge of Rs 100/- + taxes if applicable, would be deducted from the amount which has been booked for travel as pre-authorisation or advance. The Cancellation can be done through Application or by calling the customer support or by email. All cancellation to be made against the booking ID provided at the time of booking the cab.
  9. No cancellations are entertained in any case for those special occasions like Dussehra, Pongal, Diwali, Christmas, New year, Special occasion, etc. These are limited occasion offers and therefore cancellations are not possible.
  10. MakeMyCab will not be responsible for any cancellation/delay of service in case of any natural calamity, agitation, Strike or Road Jam/traffic etc.
  11. MakeMyCab might change driver & Taxi details prior to boarding the taxi in case of vehicle breakdown or other genuine reasons at Driver’s end. No Cancellation request shall be entertained in such cases.
  12. In the case of a break down or any accidents MakeMyCab will try its best to either supply another substitute vehicle or provide a refund for the balance amount. MakeMyCab has no obligation to provide the facility of a substitute vehicle and is entirely at its discretion.
  13. MakeMyCab reserves the right to cancel/change the booking of vehicle at any point of time however MakeMyCab shall Communicate You well in advance.
  14. In case of accident/vehicle break-down the operator will try to provide an alternate vehicle or will refund the advance deposit (if any).
  15. In the case of a no-show by the driver for a scheduled departure, the operator will try its best to provide an immediate replacement with a similar car and in case he is not able to find a replacement, a full refund of the advance will be done.

Outstation Travel:

1.      For Out Station Round trip duties, a min of 250 Kilometers is chargeable. For Some cities, a min of 300 Kilometers is chargeable per day for outstation travel. (This can be changed on pro data basis and same will be implemented on MakeMyCab website & Application).

2.      A calendar day begins at 6.00 A.M and ends at 12.00 Midnight. In case a drop off happens after 12 Midnight, an additional days charges (of 250 Kilometers or 300 Kilometers) are applicable unless specifically stated in the package rates quoted.

3.      Driver allowances will be twice the normal  between 10PM - 6AM .

4.      No receipts will be provided for state entry taxes by the operator.

Refund Policy :

  1. If your payment is made online through payment gateway then amount will refunded in same debit/credit card from which payment made. Refund will not be done in cash in any circumstance.
  2. If your payment is made through NEFT then amount will refunded in same account from which payment received. Refund will not be done in cash in any circumstance.
  3. If you do cash deposit then for getting refund you have to share your account no with NEFT Code. Refund will not be done in cash in any circumstance.

If you are eligible for refunds based on the "Cancellation and Refund" policy above, then the refund will be remitted back to you in 2 - 5 working days. In case of any issues, write to us at 

MakeMyCab General Terms :-

1) Toll tax and parking will be paid directly to the driver in case not included in the outstation or one way booking.

2) If fare for this booking is non-refundable, no refund will be done if booking is cancelled.

3) The driver will only wait for 30 min to board the taxi. If the customer doesn't confirm on the trip the booking will automatically get cancelled.

4) After reaching the boarding point, waiting charge of Rs 2/- per minute will be charged after the 15 minutes waiting, these charge will be paid directly to the driver.

5) If opting for the one-way, driver will not stop the car for more than 30 minutes during the journey.

6) Driver will drop the guest at the destination which will be informed by the guest while starting the journey, driver will not stop the car in between the journey except for tea and lunch break, which will be for 30 minutes max (This will be applicable if opting for one-way).